Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 322 - Why I'm Unhappy

 This was my newest planting area as I was building it late summer 2010.
 This is what the oaks looked like that fall. 
This is the scarlet oak on the left in the photos above.  Yes it does live up to it's name.  Beautiful isn't it.  This was shot in 2009.
This is what I saw when I walked out the door Saturday morning.
That hole is less than 2' feet from the trunk. 

 The yellow pipe is the new gas service.
 The shattered pipe is the storm drain from my gutters.  Notice that the other part of the roots are over there. 

These were basically half the roots on the tree that help keep it from falling over in heavy winds, storms or snow.  They also feed it.  And now they are gone.  The tree is about 25 - 35' high at this time.  That's a lot of tree to support.
 So when they got finished they decided that the best way to backfill was to use the back hoe.
 Never mind that it kept getting tangled in the limbs.
 Or that it had been surrounded with a planting bed full of perennials and bulbs.  Nope they didn't move them.  They are somewhere in the hole and there are chunks of sod in the planting area.

And they weren't happy that I was taking pictures and actually yelled that there were to be no pictures taken.
 And the area is now covered in rocks.  All that topsoil I put down the hard way last fall. Gone...
And my storm line...shattered, full of crud and tipped the up instead of down. That isn't going to drain.

They basically did the same thing along the back fence.  My shrubs and perennials are gone and the planting bed is full of sod.  Actually it is now higher than the bed inside the fence.

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