Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 311 - You can have as much...

as you can handle. This is what my boss told me when I asked about the overtime I'm accumulating this week. I have one customer with a really large project with a really quick deadline and a lot of incremental steps to get there, and I sell him a lot every of stuff every afternoon to get his crews ready for the next morning.  And I'm trying to compile a check list of the things he needs the most so he can walk his job and send it over every day. 

In the meantime I have other customers who also need attention, as well as the walk in traffic, emailed quote requests and phone calls.  I have at least six large quotes to finish and get back to the customers.  As well as the special orders I need to write for the big project.  I'll be busy for the next month or so...  OT is always welcome coming into the holidays.

Tonight was knit night and I was late getting quotes out and paid for as well as setting things up for the morning.  New projects were shown, new books and magazines perused, and plans made to celebrate the holidays together.  As I was running late I didn't get a chance to pick up my FO. 

I came home a got a bit done on my new mitten.  Ready to as the contrast color to the mix.  This should be interesting.  So I did make my 11 but not much more.

How did your day go?

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