Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let's see if I can figure this out

Several years ago, Ruth Lantz, who is on the board of Ohio Designer Craftsmen, proposed to a group of her friends that the publicity art project for Winterfair be a knitted cozy for a VW Bug. She talked to people that she knew and got the yarn and some enormous needles donated. Several of us batted around ideas of how to accomplish the task, before deciding to create paper pattern pieces of the body panels for individual knitters to fill with knitted fabric. So one breezy evening Ruth and I took a large roll of bumwad aka tracing paper and some markers and draped a friend's Bug to make the pattern pieces. Pieces and yarn were handed out along with instructions for the decorative pieces for the public participation part. The results were published in the Dispatch and you can view the article here. I want to thank Tim Feran of the Dispatch for his help in getting permission to link to it.

Recently I discovered that the project had been nominated for two Bobbie awards on Ravelry, Most Unusual project and Best Group project.