Friday, June 19, 2009

Just in time

Hurray! The siding has been repaired on the kitchen gable. It literally took me years to find a handyman willing to replace the aluminum siding on the kitchen after a windstorm took it off. Most people I talked to quoted me prices that would re-side the entire house. I had a box of siding, I just needed the labor to install it.

And now the rain is pouring down in a rather nasty thunderstorm.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Just got back from the TNNA fashion show. There were about 100 items shown on the catwalk tonight and as you would expect there are some that I liked and some that I went "bleh". Overall what I was seeing was stripes, both vertical and horizontal; texture, especially cables and lace; cardigans, more short than anything and with a bit of swing; skirts, a surprising number and especially in suits, and more than the usual amount of men's sweaters. The yarns were much bulkier than last year, and many of the shapes were more fitted.

Of course there were new yarns, the most memorable being "Harley" from Trendsetter. Harley is a carry along yarn with little bits of metal chain dangling from it every so often. Interesting concept, not my cup of tea, but I really liked the shape and fit of the sweater that it was used in.