Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long pause...

It's been a long time since I sat down to write. Lots of intentions, lots of photos taken, but I didn't manage to sit still long enough to organize them.

Since my last post spring has come and gone. Okay not officially but it's Memorial Day weekend and in the upper 80's for the last week, so it feels like summer has arrived. I've been to Arkansas and back. We stopped in St. Louis so I could visit the Arch. I was Barb's co-driver on the twelve hour drive to Bentonville to visit her daughter.

We spent about a week away. Toured local yarn shops, met the new boyfriend, (as of yesterday fiance) and did some gardening on Andrea's deck. Barb also claims that it was machine knitting boot camp for her. We took our machines with us. I managed to knit a sweater from the book Indigo Knits: The Quintessential Guide to Denim Yarn from the Founders of Artwork. I had scored about 8 bags of Rowan Denim when an LYS closed it's doors in March and spent some time deciding which patterns to make to start using it up.  The first pattern knit was Surf Hoodie (rav link).  Barb managed to knit half of a beach cover up for Madison.  

I've also crocheted a bikini, hand knit a seed stitch tank,  and machine knit a cute little top with this bit of stash.

I also went back to work with Creative Spaces in late April.  We are much busier this year than last, and I've been putting in a lot of overtime.  I'm also discovering that while my doctor said that I could return to work without restrictions after my surgery, my body doesn't always agree.   I can't lift as much, and I seem to get dehydrated and tired much quicker.  I really need to find a job in project management rather than physical labor.  In other words I'm getting too old for this work.