Sunday, April 12, 2009

We are experiencing technical difficulties, please stand by

The laptop had been acting stupid. You know, slow, doing weird things, the virus software wouldn't update, Windows wouldn't update, stuff kept freezing, just generally acting hinky and making one suspect a virus or spyware. So I took it into be checked out.

It was a good news, bads news report. No bugs or spies, but the operating system needed to be reloaded. Could I do that, sure I've done it before and I know several computer people, so I think "no problem. " Now that I know there are no bugs, I simply back up the system, and use the disks that came with the computer to reinstall the operating system. Then reload the files.

Famous last words... Windows is reloaded, but the hiberation feature no longer works and it's only running, .NET 1.0 and won't install the update to 1.1 and I'm antsy about uploading 2.0 which is what I had before. And to make it better, the portable hard drive sold to me as being perfect for back ups. Nope, it is for synchronization not back ups. I need a to try to copy the files onto a different computer and then transfer them. The second computer won't boot, something about a missing sector. I am so screwed.