Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 320 - Friday at last

I was at work before 7am and didn't leave until after 8.  But I did manage to get lunch today.  So it was better.  I accomplished a lot, so it was good.  Don't know what management is going to say when they see the OT or the screwy punchs around my lunch break.  It took a bit of maneuvering to make sure I managed at least 31 minutes off for lunch. (They have rules about no working off the clock.  Which is OK but can be awkward at times.  Especially when you're used to being salaried and doing whatever it takes to solve a problem/provide customer service.)  My supervisor has said he'll back me but we both know they won't be happy.  End result very little fiber time today.  Two rounds on the mitten.

Finally managed to reach the gas company this afternoon.  I explained about the notes, and strongly expressed my unhappiness with how they have drawn out this whole mess, and their less than stellar ability to communicate.  I also asked what they were planning to use to run the new service through the basement (unknown).  I pointed out that the house had black iron for the existing service and I expected any new work to match.  I was blunt to the point of stating, "I don't spec or allow that plastic crap in the homes I design, and I damn sure don't want it in mine."  Tomorrow may be interesting.  There were more ultimatums in the doors tonight.  Looks like they are trying to make it as painful as possible.  There is a new huge hole in the lawn and multiple piles of dirt again.  I have very little faith in them at this point. 

Maybe I should limit myself to the machine tomorrow.  Harder to screw up the tension there.

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