Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 318 - arrghhhhhhhhhh

Ever have one of those times where you'd like to reach out and punch someone?  The day was going well until I came home from work, entering as usual via the kitchen/back door.  I walked through the house and went out the front door to get the mail from the box on the porch and discovered a note with what I have to interpret as a threat on it.  It was from the contractor doing the gas line installations for Columbia and stated "Final Notice - Must call for an appointment this Saturday or gas service will be shut off".  When I was bringing the groceries in I found another one in the side door.

They've been screwing around with this for months.  Pretty much everything they've told me has been a lie.  Two weeks ago I came home late on Friday evening to find one on the side door, "Please call to confirm a 11/5/11 appointment to move meter outside. 419-xxx-xxxx Paul Thank you for your time"  Only problem was it was late, and no one had contacted me to make an appointment.  They had both my house and cell numbers, its not like you can't call.  Turned out that when the guy finally showed up after 10am, there was enough time, as I had to meet my mom and sister to celebrate my sister's birthday.  The guy said they would be back the following Saturday.

Flash forward a week, I hustled to get the laundry done so I didn't need the water heater, and hung around until after 2 pm.  No one called, no one showed.  Didn't hear anything until tonight's threat.  Understand that I have repeatedly told them if they have to leave notes for me to find to use the back door.  Here's the number for my leash cell, you can pretty much always reach me. It's not like it's impossible.

They're about to discover that I don't respond that well to threats.  I have the number of the project manager on Columbia's payroll.  I'm pissed.

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