Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 300 - Multiple Milestones

Three hundred days of 11 minutes of fiber related fun a day for 2011.  Three hundred days of somehow documenting it, either here or on Podcasting for Machine Knitters. According to the stats this post is also post 100 on this blog.  So multiple milestones have been achieved today.

It was cold last night and this morning.  I could see my breath in my bedroom.  Yes I'm still being stubborn.  It was a chilly 48 degrees F in there this morning. 

When I stepped out for firewood this morning I was greeted by this.  Yes that is ice on the lily pond.  Bloody cold this morning.

 But doesn't it make the edges of the leaves beautiful?
This is Bloodgood Japanese Maple.

Yes I made my 11 working on the beret.

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