Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 283 - Half Done?

One mitten is finished and it's mate has been started. Is this a FO or a half FO? Along with a brief glance and the Clara Parkes book and starting to look at The Knitter, I really haven't played with the fiber too much today. 

It was gray and rainy all day and it quickly reminded me that I will be wearing woolens more often in the near future.  For now I'm getting by with minimal layering.  A vest, and cotton at that to go outside. 

There have been three requests for knitted goods, Robin would like an NZ sweater of her own, plus a hat "that doesn't make her head hurt" when she wears it.  Beth would like a short sleeve sweater to wear under a blazer, she has supplied the wool and would like it to be dyed some shade of green.  I have a kimono started for my best friend on the knitting machine.  It's actually about 1/3 done.   Other than the hat and some of the detailing on the NZ sweater most of this could be MK.  Guess I need to get motivated again.

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