Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 280 - Family Afternoon

Today was a beautifully clear day, comfortable temps, sunshine and blue skies and breathtaking colors.  (And we're not even to peak yet.)  Perfect day for a drive to my sister's about an hour away for her annual fall gathering.  While I was finishing the chores here, my niece calls to confirm that I would be there because she needs her new jeans hemmed before she goes home to NC next weekend.  Not sure when I became an expert on alterations, but...would I be at Beth's this afternoon?  OK throw some pins to mark the hem in the bag with the tape measure.  Side note: why would any clothing company assume that a woman who wears size 00 jeans has a 34" inseam.  If she's that tiny she's not going to be 6' tall.  Just saying...

Because one of the other things that needed to happen was to get measurements from both of my sisters for the knitwear they have requested.  A beanie hat for Robin and a short sleeve sweater to wear under a jacket for  Beth.  In fact Beth wanted to know if I had dyed the yarn yet.    I told her the plan was to knit the garment with undyed so that I could make sure there was enough yarn, then dye the finished garment.  I really don't think that she's bought enough yarn yet, but we'll see. 

I came home and mowed the grass, noticed that the utility companies have been busy with the spray paint in the front yard again, but some how haven't bothered to call me about coming in to run the supply line to the house.  I'm thinking about telling the neighbors to call the cops if they show up when I'm not home.  No way to they get to work in those areas without CLOSE supervision.

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