Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 293 - Prep time

Spent a large portion of the mid-day prepping/cooking for tomorrow's Sauerkraut Luncheon at church.  Lunch for 70 - 80, means that the meat has to be cooked in advance so it can be sliced and reheated with the kraut in the morning.  Three hours of roasting time = several hours of knitting time, so progress was made on the secret project. 

The afternoon was spent running to LYS to pick up commissions, look for special orders and returning stuff.  The evening was spent baking, picking tomatoes and playing with fire.  But the house is significantly warmer tonight that it was when I got up this morning, or even when I got home this afternoon.  A trip to Dad's for more firewood is already lined up for tomorrow.

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