Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 281 - Tie ins

I decided this morning that ham and beans in the slow cooker would be a great idea for dinner.  I came home at lunchtime to make sure the beans had not absorbed all the liquid.  (A foolish thought as it happened.)  At that time the gas co. contractors appeared to be making the final tie ins of the new service lines to the main.  Nothing I needed to worry about.

When I came home tonight, my driveway was blocked 2x.  A small trenching hoe was parked on it and my lawn, and a truck was parked across the end.  And of course everyone street space was also taken on both sides of the street.  I just sat in the truck signalling to turn and waited.   The foreman came over to ask if that was my house and was I coming home, and if I was it would be really nice if I didn't want to leave again for an hour.   I would have thought it obvious but whatever.  As I pulled in the drive I could see that they had trashed the lawn along the driveway with the tracks from the hoe.  Sigh.  I finished making dinner, ate, cleaned up the leftovers and decided to take a walk before it got dark. I had been home about 90 minutes or so and they were still out there and the hole in the neighbor's yard was even larger.

It was apparent that they were hooking up the lines and meter at the front of the house, tying into the house and cutting off the original line in one operation.  The foreman told me that he hadn't been able to get the boring equipment to be able to bring the new service through my yard, and he was not going to dig up the landscaping, and would wait until it is available.

They were just pulling away when I got back from my walk around the park.  The start of my first mitten was about 4 inches long too.  Knitting as stress relief.  Yes I made my 11.

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