Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 292 - Minus Wheels and Still Power Shopping

Eddie, my miraculous body and fender guy, called last night to say that he had found the parts to repair the truck after it's misadventure a couple weeks ago, and that I should bring it over when I got the chance.  Since I got off work about 30 minutes early, I called to follow up and mentioned that I just needed to find a ride home.  If I could get there in no more than 45 minutes, Eddie would take me home.  OK so off through evening rush I went out to the next county and way out into the country.  Yes 30 minutes and I'm there.  Another 45 and I'm home again.  About this time it dawns on  me that I need to go shopping for the church Sauerkraut luncheon this weekend, that I need to haul in all the tropical plants as there was a frost warning, and oh by the way I only have firewood for one night and now I have no truck to haul any more home.  oops.  Priorities, plants will die, put in garage.  Need to cook in the am, take the car and go to GFS.  Wood, well Daddy loves you and will likely loan you his truck, tomorrow.

GFS is winning for customer service today.  The guy asked me what I was looking for, I had a detailed list, but couldn't remember what size cups I needed.  Turns out that if you are an organization, they actually keep a record of what you've bought in the past for just this sort of thing.  So he looked it up, found it for me and ran around with me and found all the remaining things on the list.  After it was rang out and I was leaving he helped take it out to the car and pack it into the trunk.  It's so cold tonight, that I left everything out there.  Refrigerator on wheels is what it is tonight.  All told the power shop took less than 30 minutes. 

The house is chilly tonight, and I didn't bother to light a fire for the less than 2 hours I would be downstairs.  The thermal mass of the chimney wouldn't get hot enough to radiate into the room in that time, so I would be wasting the wood.  I just sat under the afghan, dressed head to toe in wooly warmth and worked on my secret project.  Yes I made my 11.

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