Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 269 - New Projects

I was working holed up in the studio tonight and I heard a sort of tentative but steady knock on a storm door.  I went to the front door, opened it to find no one, stepped outside and found no one and so went back to the studio.  Then I heard the same thing on the front door, and found this guy who is working with the gas company.

He wanted to see the meter location, figure out where he was going to put the new one and talk to me about how they were going to get it there. They had installed all the other lines and meter locations on the street and had actually started on other streets, and they really wanted to get mine done. He wanted to explain the project to me.  I pointed out that I had been to the meeting, and had Columbia's project manager's cell phone.  Did I know where the meter and lines were?  Sure he could look at the meter and gas lines in the basement.  I pointed out they were all black iron and in great shape. He really didn't want to run the length of the house to tie in.  I pointed out that there was really expensive landscaping out there and I didn't really want him in it. He thought he could run the new line along the steel support beam and duck under it when he got to the east end of the basement to tie in.  He was surprised by the old meter.  He'd never seen one like that.  I told him to look at the tag on the riser pipe, that  I was pretty sure that it was the original meter installed with the house.  The tag said 1945.

His game plan is to trench across the lawn and bore under the landscaping.  I pointed out that I had spent several weeks last September and October putting in that lawn, and I wasn't exactly thrilled with any one digging it up again.  He assured me that they were using brand X seed and they would fertilize and put down straw.  I commented that I had noticed they had planted grass seed in the dirt they had piled on my driveway when they fixed my neighbor's yard.  He did offer to dig up and move the plants in the area they would have to dig up and then replant them.  I told him I loan him the pots.  Then he thought it might be better if they did that work while I was home so I could tell them what they had to move.  I said Friday afternoon would work.  But he thought the weather was supposed to be bad.  Could I take an afternoon next week?  No, I don't work I don't get paid.  OK could they do it after work, did I come straight home?  I offered him Wednesday, Thursday or Friday evenings.  We'll see how this goes.  I know there are bulbs in the area right next to the house where they want to dig  Those can be lifted and replanted without any problems.  Lifting the blooming asters and anemones will pretty much toast them would be my bet.  But we'll see.

On my projects, the new beret pattern is coming along quickly.  Love the yarn.  I need to think a bit harder about the mittens.

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