Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 260 September 18 Exploring the Loot

Actually I went back over to A Wool Gathering this afternoon.  My friend Diane from Creatively Dyed had been out of her booth sick yesterday and I went back in hopes that she would be back and have a couple of matching hanks in one of her lines so that I could get enough to make a sweater.  And I wanted the opportunity to just play with my camera to see what I could get.   And that's always harder to do when you have a couple of non-photo people with you.  So it was a successful afternoon on all counts.

The things that jumped in my bag and followed me home were:

Ok the spindle didn't follow me home, but the roving was a gift as was the book.
From Knitting Notions.  The Aubergine is for Robin's sweater.  The other colors are for Finnish/Estonian mittens. 
From the Yarn Shop, the wool bamboo blends are slated for brioche stitch tams and the Mountain Colors will probably become socks.
The blue hanks are designated for a couple of sweaters on the machine.  This is the same yarn base as the green shawl.  And the reddish ones are for another sweater to be designed.  These are all fingering weights, two different bases, from Creatively Dyed.
This wants to become the next version of Shaun the Sheep.  It's a Henry's Attic base that I picked up at Weavers Loft.

The ball of fluff is 8 oz of baby camel and silk top.  The sheen is amazing and it is sooo soft.  This is going to become lace weight and then a shawl.  The four hanks from Handmaiden are also designated for a shawl/scarf.  Another version of the MK Summit inspired pattern.
And this soap smells so good.  I try to find this booth at every show.  These soaps are so nice.  And I always feel like I'm pampering myself when these make it to the shower.

I did spend part of the morning casting on and this time writing down the pattern for the MK version of the Summit Shawl.  I had a LOT of requests for it yesterday. 

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  1. I spent my fiber time yesterday casting on three times for a secret project. It was a challenge. I have now started it and am a few inches in and I think it looks good.