Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 261 - September 19 - Cold Wet Slow Day

It was a long rainy day here.  A cool soaking rain, that if I'd had the day off would have been perfect to curl up on the couch and knit.  But it was a work day.  And life doesn't follow the perfect script.  My new drop stitch shawl skipped a couple of short rows in the middle of the pattern so I carefully ripped back.  Only to have the yarn break as I moved the carriage to re-start knitting.  So the whole piece came off the bed.   Sigh...

Moved on to my HK mindless scarf.  Counted the stitches on the first needle, there were 16 instead of the 15 the pattern called for.  A closer look revealed that about 3 inches back I had accidentally added a stitch.  Rip.  Mindless knitting goes back fast but.    I've decided that this will be the first piece in a hat scarf and mitten/fingerless glove set.  Need to think a little harder about what they should look like.  I'm leaning towards a tam/beret/slouchy hat.  That way I can tuck my mane into it.

I did finish the knitting on Shaun at lunch today.  Now to assemble him.  I more than achieved my 11 and really other than the frustration of the shawl, there actually is visible progress.

On a more important note.  I have not heard from Bob.  I'm taking the 'no news is good news' approach.  I know that Heather is in all our thoughts and prayers.

How did your Monday go?


  1. Heard from bob about 10 pm that she was out of surgery ands recovering.

  2. I have socks on the superba. I am using an interesting yarn (wool/cotton/nylon/lycra that I got from a CSM source, and I've made a few pairs, and like the socks. I am loosening up the tension to see if I can knit a thicker sock with 2 strands of this. I'll let you know how they are, after they have been through the wash.