Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change of Venue

Hello to all of Heather's Podcasting for Machine Knitters readers.  While Heather is offline ill, I'll be hosting our 11 Minutes a Day, series over here.  She is concerned that we will lose our momentum in this year long challenge.

I can tell you that I did talk to her today, and she did sound stronger than she did yesterday.  I know that she will appreciate all the warm thoughts and prayers that we can send her way.

My 11 so far today have been spent working on another drop stitch scarf (HK) while I waited in line at the customer service desk at Wal-mart and later at Starbucks.  I needed to scrounge up a couple of straws to reinforce Shaun's legs and decided that frou-frou coffee at Starbucks would be my excuse to acquire them.  I believe it was called a salted carmel mocha espresso drink.  Quite tasty, but sadly it was gone before I made it home (about a 10 minute drive).  Happy note I didn't end up wearing any of it.

I also decided to check out Interweave's stashbuster sale.  Personally I don't consider buying more patterns for single color articles to promote stashbusting but I was willing to take a look at the digital downloads.  I came away with several digital downloads including several e-mags and a couple of spinning downloads.  If we counted the time waiting for the files to download, there would be several hours of fibery motivation happening tonight.

The temps here in Ohio have suddenly become rather fall like.  I'm actually wearing wool today for the first time since probably March.  The mercury is dropping into the low 40's tonight with temps hovering in the mid 60 - low 70 for the next several days.  Perfect wool festival weather for this weekend.

I'll leave you with a couple of shots of my test knitting for my MK version of the Summit shawl.  I'll try to get the ends woven in and couple of shots of the final version tomorrow.  I want to wear it Saturday so I have incentive.

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  1. Very pretty Lori. I'm still plugging away at the baby sweater and my ten stitch blanket. Most of my time today has been spent outside shoveling dirt though to get the fall garden ready to go in.