Wednesday, January 21, 2009


All weekend long I worked on Clapotis. See the progress... I'm now working on the straight sections and am dropping stitches on schedule. However now I'm starting to wonder if I'll have enough yarn. What you see here is my progress on the first ball. I have 2 hanks of Primero in the color Honeysuckle, about 1000 yds. It's a year old so it's not like Sherry has more sitting in the stockroom at this point. Right now my plan is to finish this ball and see where I am. Hopefully the answer really is halfway.

At times I like mindless knitting and this is actually a pretty simple knit. All the patterning is on the knit side and the stitch markers clue up to do anything different. I worked on it all through the MK World Live session on Saturday. Heather had been tweaking me about actually managing to attend one since the session watched back in October. And I had slowly been acquiring what was needed. A reliable internet connection, a camera for laptop and a headset and microphone. Of course I couldn't get the microphone to work at all. Evidently they could see me, but communication from me was limited to nods and IM. I don't know what the others thought but I think it went rather well. At least all of the participants were still there at the end of the scheduled time and then some.

My current distraction is this. An Alligator Scarf from Morehouse Merino. It's in garter stitch and generally there is some sort of shaping on the right side rows. The color is Orinoco which is a rich blue purple. In theory I'm about 2/3 done with the body but I haven't finished the first ball. I'm seriously thinking about using a provisional cast-on and knitting the tail. Then going back and knitting body scales until I'm almost out of yarn and then kitchnering it together.

And last but not least... My sister and I have each other's name for Christmas. Typically we acquire lots of little stuff for each other over the entire year. Then the challenge in December is to remember where you put it all. This year Robin managed to misplace something. Unfortunately she still hasn't found them, but she went out and got me another set. Fortunately they are something that she likes for her house too. Last night they came home with me.

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