Monday, February 2, 2009

It snowed

It's February. Where did January go?

Actually I know what happened. The weather has consumed all of my so called free time in the last week. Tuesday a storm moved in dumping snow, ice, sleet, ice rain and more snow on Tuesday and Weds. This is my redbud covered in ice and snow. Before it was over we had 4" of snow with an inch of ice, then 6 - 9" of snow on top of that. I parked the car Tuesday night and couldn't get it out of the driveway until after work on Friday. I have discovered the joys of public transit, and it's free during level 2 and 3 snow emergencies and comes complete with at least 20 minutes of knitting time each way. Not a bad thing for a knitter who spends the evenings with a snow shovel.

Pretty as it is on my barberry and scarlet oaks. It pretty much shut down Columbus on Wednesday and slowed everything up until the weekend. But it did make for great back drops for my latest finished object.

This is the Alligator Scarf from Morehouse Merino. In the Orinoco color. It's very purple. Ravelry details are here. Although as I write this I haven't uploaded any pictures yet.

Before the snow showed up, this arrived from Grafton Fibers. The first shipment in the new Colorways Fiber Club. Comes complete with suggestions on how to spin it and a possible project to make with the finished yarn. Rich red, to a deep black and teal.

And since I have a FO, I started another project. The Inside-Outside Scarf from Knit One Below. It's actually really simple. My friend Ruth figured out how to machine knit it too. Its basically a two color tuck stitch pattern. And I'm already mulling the possibilities around in my head. And yes Heather, when I get that far I will photograph the steps on the knitting machine to share.

The wind is starting to howl. There's a chance of more snow blowing in overnight.

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