Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ooh pretty

It's here. The very first shipment of Creatively Dyed's Fantasy Fiber Club.

It is 4 oz. of a blend of Milk Protein, Seacell and wool. The colors aren't that far off. Oh so pretty. I need to put an empty bobbin on the wheel and start playing.

This is the bag of goodies that arrived with it. A wraps per inch tool, a Creatively Dyed Calendar and a pattern card from the new Knit One Below knitting book. It was waiting in the front front door when I got back from work and the mechanics this afternoon.

The car, a 2001 Sebring, front wheel drive, manual transmission, a car that actually goes on snow, had a windshield wiper just stop working today. And to make life really interesting we got hit with our first true winter storm. Snow, several inches fell during the day, and is still falling. We have something like 5 inches so far and more predicted overnight. Plus we're heading for sub-zero temperatures.

So after spending an hour plus making a drive that should have taken about 20 - 25 minutes on the crawling freeways, the car was left at my favorite mechanic. Brian thinks that its' just a bolt that is loose (fingers crossed), but while it's in there he's going to change the oil, check the brakes and put the new wiper blades on it. The wiper blades I bought last week and intended to install when it wasn't cold or wet. Nice thought that.

So my dad picked me up and dropped me home and I waded through the snow to get in. My game plan is to go out this evening and shovel off the drive and walks. Already someone has come to the door wanting $10 to shovel them off. It says a lot about the economy, I've been in this house since '91 and this is the first time someone has shown up wanting to shovel. And I just took a large pay cut in an attempt to employed this year. I have no extra money to spend. And I was unemployed all last winter, I know how they feel.

Clapotis continues to grow. I'm almost to the point where I can start going straight and dropping stitches.

I need to go shovel snow.

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