Sunday, January 11, 2009


Saturday, after hours of the weathermen trying to terrify us with winter storm warnings and predictions of several inches of snow, I woke up to a thin layer of ice on the trees. As the day progressed it changed to rain and all the ice melted. The snow went north. I spent the day knitting and watching movies.

Then this morning was sunny and yet there were fairly large snowflakes blowing. Actually by the time I made it to church, just enough to hide the ice in the parking lot. I thought I was going to slide sideways into my Mom's car.

The afternoon was much better. I met up with two of my friends for a long delayed gift exchange and to celebrate my recent birthday. Merida and I sat in the restaurant and work at untangling the yarn barf that was keeping Barb from binding off a late Christmas present. After a delightful lunch the three of us split a slice of three layer, double fudge cake. Yum...

Then Merida and I went to check out the new LYS in Clintonville, WonderKnit. It's in the 3000 block of N. High, about a block north of Nancy's diner. They've only been open about a month and are still building up inventory. They have wood floors, high ceilings, lots of light and several seating areas with tables. While they seem to be carrying some basics like Cascade and Manos, I noticed several independent labels on the shelves. They had some wonderful 2-ply lace weight cashmere from ArtYarn. About the finest 2-ply I've seen locally. Actually they had a lot of different yarns from ArtYarn. If they can survive the economy they should do well. They seem to be carrying yarns that aren't found in the other LYS.

We finished the afternoon by joining the ladies at the back table at the Merc and knitting for a while.


  1. Wait wait... uhm was it YOUR Birthday on the 9th? Well crap I totally missed that. Will ya hit me with a 2x4 next time please will ya?
    I thought the birth was the Blog.