Friday, January 16, 2009


It's cold. -10F this morning, and it never got past single digits all day. It's windy on top of it, so the wind chills are dangerously low.

Yesterday with 7 inches of new snow on the ground, I had to take the bus to work. The car was in the shop getting new brakes front and back. I hadn't used public transit in Columbus since high school. Let's just say it was a while ago. I did my research, figured out which buses to catch and where and when to meet them. It might have been better if I hadn't decided to walk about 6 blocks to the office rather than taking a transfer. It was a cold walk through the snow but I got there on time and didn't mess up the route. And taking the bus means that you can say "the bus leaves at ___, and the next one is in an hour" and walk out the door on time.

The trip home was more of an adventure. I caught the bus outside my building without a problem. The driver was very helpful about answering my question about where my transfer stop would be. And oddly enough one of the passengers said something to me as I was waiting to exit and was slightly unhappy when I didn't respond. He was satisfied when I pardoned myself, and mentioned that I hadn't really heard him. Waiting at the transfer point was a lesson in why you should wear layers. It's downtown, among the high rises. The street layout and the building heights turns the streets into wind tunnels and the wind was fierce. I had layers but had a gap between basically my hips and knees. Jeans and tights were not enough.

I learned my lesson and today bundled up top to bottom. Even my eyes were covered with wrap around sunglasses. No bare skin for me. Nanook of the north is what I call the look. Thermal shirt, hooded wool pullover, down vest, wool vest, flannel lined oilskin duster with tights, wool socks, jeans, gaiters and gore-tex lined hiking boots. Topped with wool scarf, hat and fingerless gloves inside my mittens. Did I mention that I don't like being cold...

Game plan for the weekend, stay out of the cold, do chores (yuck), maybe dye yarn (messy but fun and I bet I can get the wool to cool down quickly so it can be rinsed) and knit on my Clapotis. I've started the straight part and am on my third repeat. And finally manage to participate in an MK World Live session tomorrow evening.

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