Sunday, November 1, 2009

What was I thinking

I've found myself with time on my hands due to a recent layoff. It wasn't unexpected. I work landscape and we're going into fall/winter and running out of work. I already know that I can survive on unemployment. Although I need to find affordable health insurance for the duration.

I had this bright idea to re-organize my yarn studio. I had gotten into the habit of tossing any yarn that comes into the house in there when I want to get it out of sight and the unspun fiber was being piled behind the couch in the living room. Basically you couldn't walk in there. Plus I wanted to organize the library of fiber books. So the first thing I did was pull 19 70 qt bins out of the room along with the misc. bags and baskets that have been holding yarn and UFOs. That gave me space to walk. I pulled the bins that contain fabric or embroidery things. They are moving somewhere else. I sorted out the undyed yarns and put them into 4 bins of their own. Then I started consolidating the spinning fiber. There are 14 bins of various fibers and colors plus a large box of undyed batts from the family sheep. There are bumps of wool that haven't made their way back in here. I need to do something else with them to consolidate. Seriously I do not need to buy fiber and there are 6 fleeces in the house still needing processed plus 2 -3 llama fleeces in the garage.

I spent the day going through the yarn bins, inventorying them, and inputting the information into Ravelry. I have gotten through 8. 5 bins and have about 15 to go. I don't need to buy yarn. This has to be SABLE. On the other hand I'm not finding that much that I didn't know about. I just need to get it all organized. Oh and I'm finding a lot of UFOs and needles. The finish the project pile is growing.

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