Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No more counting

The bins of yarn are done. I had to buy a couple of more for the yarn. And I'm starting bin 5 full of UFO. Scary thought that. I'm taking a page from Susan Lazear's blog and listing them as Done rather than To Do.

So I have my first Done object, a baby cap in Red Heart. Yes Red Heart. For gifts to new mothers who have no idea how to care for hand knits, Red Heart is perfect.

The exterior window trim has been painted so that chore is done for a few years. And the tropical plants are migrating to their winter locations. My bedroom is looking rather jungle like with three palm trees in front of the window at the end of the bed.

Now I'm working on the bookshelves and I'm more than half done there. A couple of hours and I should have those finished too. I need to move the drafting board and finish hauling out the nonfiber related stuff underneath. And I will just about be done in the studio.

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