Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Slow progress

After plowing through 9 bins of yarn on Sunday, I only managed to get through two yesterday although they were both sock yarns. The goal for this afternoon is to get through about seven so that my living room can be used again. Tomorrow is my sister Robin's birthday and she wants to spend the afternoon over here knitting on her second project.

Yes, my sister has decided to learn to knit and has one FO under her belt, a garter stitch scarf in some sort of mohair/fuzzy blend. Her new project is a one ball scarf in another fuzzy yarn in purse stitch and she's finding it a bit more challenging. She can recognize when something is wrong and simply stops and waits for me to help rather than puzzling it out. We'll have to work on that.

Also on my list of projects around the house is getting the wood trim around remaining 9 original windows primed and painted while the weather allows. I scraped and scrubbed/washed them last week. This morning after I voted, I stopped at Sherwin Williams to pick up a quart of oil based exterior primer. I got them primed before lunch and if the weather holds I'll try to get the first coat of paint on them tomorrow. Two coats of paint and I'll be done for a while.

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