Monday, February 28, 2011

Work space

Work continues on the back of Whistler.  I've completed about 135 rows out of 200. As of this writing I'm halfway through the ten rows that have to be knit using a jacquard technique.  This is a more complicated knitting than I'm used to doing with my machine.

I'm finding myself really grateful for the large whiteboard that I hung next to my workspace when I re-arranged the room last year.  I find it really convienent to be able to make notes on the pattern as I go along, or looking at the black lines on the board, work out details of another design or two.  Under the whiteboard is a rather pretty tackboard that my sister gave me for Christmas.  On it are laminated cards with the most common charting symbols and what they look like for machine and  hand knitting, plus crochet.

On the wall above the desk with the knitting machine is a warping board that I find very handy to hang yarn samples from.

On my old drafting board, I have installed my Silver Reed.  It sits on the front edge and that leaves most of the work surface available for my computer, tools, yarn, swatches, and to be honest collection of debris.  I have an Ott lite installed to one side of the machine and have run a power bar and network connection to the desktop.

To the other side of the desk are my bins of stash.  Many bins...  SABLE is really what it probably should be called. 

A chair covered with a sheepskin, a television, bookcases and the components of my entertainment system round out the room.  Cozy and warm, especially in the winter. 

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