Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

I don't do resolutions any more. I never remember them. It almost sounds preachy but at this stage of the game, I would like to think that I've learned a few simple truths/lessons. (See Grandma I really did listen.)

1. Treat everyone fairly, like you'd like to be treated. Usually you'll get it back. Aka, do unto others ... It should be without saying that it doesn't matter, their religion, gender, native language, etc.

2. Everyone pulls their pants on one leg at a time. Regardless of how much those pants cost. You should never be afraid to talk with anyone as if you are equals. In general, you are.

3. It costs nothing to be polite. (Well maybe a bit of ego sometimes but ... that won't kill you.) And it will get you much further. And polite, but stubborn will get you your own way in the end.

4. Listening is important. It's just about the most important communication skill you can cultivate. And about the easiest. I always think of it as a subset of number 3.

5. Be flexible in achieving your goals. There are usually several ways you can get there, and someone else may have a better idea. See item 4. It costs nothing to take advantage of what someone else has learned.

6. Keep learning. It does your brain good, keeps you flexible and makes you a more valuable person. Curiosity is a good thing.

7. Ask questions if you don't understand. The only stupid question is the one you are afraid/forgot to ask.

8. Don't lie. Period. If people know that you are honest and try to be fair it makes life a lot easier.

Do I manage to do these? I would like to think so, but sometimes it is hard. Sometimes you get tired. Sometimes you have a bad day. Sometimes you have to deal with people or situations that make you really uncomfortable. But at the end of it all, I want all parties to be able to say, it was honest and fair.

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