Sunday, January 1, 2012

Day 365 - 11 for 11

Well we made our year of 11 for 11.  I spent this last day trying to finish both the NZ sweater and the kimono.  Right now the kimono needs the completed pieces assembled and possibly tried on before I decide how to complete the neckband.  I'm putting it together on the machine and didn't remember that it would be easier to do if I centered the sleeve on the bed first and then the body.  Working on that again.

The NZ sweater is through the shaping on the back yoke.  About another twelve rows and it will be ready for assembly.  I'm concerned that there is enough yarn to knit the edging, but again once it is tried on some decisions can be made.

Looking back at the year what do I have for my 11 minutes a day.  Two Dale of Norway ski sweaters, Nagano and Whistler.  Whistler still needs assembled and some hand work.  Three scarves, five hats, one cowl, two pairs of mittens and two pairs of fingerless mitts, two shawls, a Lopi cardigan, Shaun the Sheep and a ring bearer pillow.  Two NZ sweaters were started but are unfinished, as are a beret, the kimono and a pair of mittens.  Several UFO's were completed, a coat, at least one pair of socks and my oldest UFO, a silk sweater.  So I have a lot to show for the time.

How did you do?

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