Sunday, June 12, 2011

What part of NO don't you get....

I was moving cars around and unloading my latest plant purchases this evening when an older woman stopped my and gestured the yard waste piled against the curb in front of my house and asked if she could had some of it.  I shrugged and replied that while I didn't know what she would want with the limbs from my lilac that I didn't care, but that the evergreen branches were not mine.  To my shock she wanted to dump my yard waste bins and take them with her.  When I said NO, absolutely not, she informed me that she needed them as she had to plant some sort of veggie on her patio and she needed the pots. 

Again I said sorry, but no.  I need them. 

Didn't I have extras?

No, I have no extras.  I use all of the ones I have.

I will pay you for them.

I'm  sorry but they are not for sale.

But I want them.

No, they are not for sale.  I have no extras and I'm not giving them away.

She was most unhappy when she drove away. 

Understand that my yard waste containers are black 25 gallon pots that were originally used to hold trees.  Generally trees that cost a couple hundred dollars if you are buying them retail.  I just have recycled them into weed/yard waste/recycling bins because they are large enough to hold a significant amount of materials, yet small enough that generally they are easy to handle.   I don't have easy access to containers this size any longer and I don't want to go looking for more.

I called my sister, to tell her this strange episode and her response was "Well you know she's just going to come back and steal them.  You did write your house number on them with a Sharpie?"  I reminded her that they were black and a Sharpie would be useless. 

So I went out in the garage and looked for some lurid spray paint left over from an old construction job.  Bright hot yellow is what I found. 

So my once plain, simple and I thought kind of elegant black yard waste pots now have my address scrawled  on them in a high contrast spray paint.  Tacky tacky tacky.  And my formerly neat stack of containers that used to reside next to my chimney on the driveway have been relocated to my work/staging area in front of the garage. 

All because some woman doesn't seem to understand the concept of NO.

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  1. That is NOT Cool! SON OF A ... Mebbe you should yarn bomb them with yer name... intarsia... :D