Monday, July 6, 2009


I was talking to my friend Barb this afternoon while I was driving for work to a nursery up in Union County. Thought I would give her a heads up as there seemed to be an unusual amount of State Troopers on the road today and she and Jack were driving home from Arkansas. As I stopped at the intersection of SR 33 and 42 I even said "there's even one here."

I made my turn and kept going. We're chatting away and I glance up into the rear view mirror and crap there's a trooper behind me but the lights aren't on. Barb laughed and asked what he could possibly stop me for because I had just double checked and was actually going the speed limit for once. Glibly I replied, I don't have my belt on. No sooner said than the lights go on behind me.

Sure enough. He asked if I knew what I had been pulled over for. I honestly stated that I had no idea. He said that I had failed to use the turn signal when I stopped at the top of the exit ramp, and that it was a moving violation and would attach points to my license, but that he would be nice and give me a warning instead. However I wasn't wearing a seat belt and they don't give warnings for that. He did ask why I wasn't wearing it and I honestly replied that I had taken it off when I had been in the last nursery because I was scrambling in and out of the truck to load things and had simply forgotten to put it back on. 20 minutes later I was on my way with a ticket for $68 on the seat beside me. So much for anything that I earned today.

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